James Campbell

James grew up in the Sierra foothills of California and has a deep connection with the area. He takes pride in being a fifth generation local. After high school, James enlisted in the United States Army which gave him the opportunity to travel and experience the world. Most notably James served with the Infantry in the Old Guard at Arlington National Cemetery; while spending time off base he met his wife Kile. Upon their return to California, with his interest in wine continuing to grow, James enrolled at CSU Fresno in the Jordan School of Agriculture. James made many lifelong connections at Fresno State which greatly influenced his future endeavors. In his roommate he met his future partner in wine making, Derek, and in studying under Dr. Jim Kennedy, James met his role model and mentor for his future studies in wine chemistry.

James is currently completing his PhD at the University of California, Davis, in Agricultural Chemistry with a focus on studying tannin production in the vineyard. His interest in wine making ranges from the soil in which a vine is planted to the chemistry of the wine itself. James’ passion comes from the ability to influence what is ultimately expressed in the bottle, by allowing the best the vineyard can be through thoughtful vineyard management practices and a focus on minute details during the wine making process.

You can contact James at [email protected]


Derek Sanchez

Derek was born and raised on his family farm, in the central valley of California. Most of his time was spent riding horses, raising animals, and working for the family business. While making homemade wine with his aunt, with the same grapes and equipment his great grandfather used, his passion for wine grew. He decided to pursue a degree in Enology at California State University, Fresno. By working in a local wine bar, sales and marketing team for the Fresno State winery and finally working in the winery as an assistant winemaker, Derek was able to experience all aspects of the wine industry. The more he experienced the more the science of wine became an obsession; he decided to move to France to obtain a Master’s degree in Enology and Viticulture.

Upon joining the Vinifera EuroMasters, he was able to study at Montpellier SupAgro, University of Bordeaux, and Polytechnic University of Madrid. Studying in Europe allowed Derek the opportunity to spend equal time both in the classroom and in the world’s most renowned chateaus, bodegas and tenutas – learning firsthand from the best European producers. He has made wine in the south of France, as well as in California at Talbott Vineyards, and most recently at Husch Vineyards as the assistant winemaker. Derek works and lives by the philosophy that balance is the key to a good wine and a good life.

You can contact Derek at [email protected]



Kile Campbell

Kile was born and raised in the Ozark mountains with an ingrained passion for the outdoors and the built environment. Her family have been master carpenters for four generations and she spent her childhood learning construction and developing a love to create. She attended Tulane University, School of Architecture and upon graduating with her Masters in Architecture and a Minor in History, she moved to Washington DC. DC provided a great beginning for her to grow her knowledge in architecture, passion for world culture and most importantly a place to meet her future husband – James. Kile’s passion for world travel, love for her new home in California, and appreciation of good food and wine aided in developing a dream to create the best wine the land, attention to detail and time would allow.

You can contact Kile at [email protected]